[clug] transact talkweb Marconi box

Matt Smith Matt at coolchilli.com
Thu Feb 8 14:34:53 GMT 2007

On Thu, February 8, 2007 19:47, Paul wrote:
> I'm going to swap out my Motorolla box and I assume its going to be
> replaced with  a  Marconi Marconi FLX-Stream ISG box or whatever its
> called, are there going to be any  issues connecting  this with my
> Linux  router?


IIRC, I think this box has some issues unless your network card can
properly negotiate 100Mbps/FDX, TV breaks up if only at 10Mbps.
I understand this is a fairly trivial issue these days, but not uncommon
to use an old 10Mb NIC for a DSL interface on a *nix box.

Apart from that, there's the good benefit of being able to pull the
TransACT TV stream from the second interface, something the Motorolla
cannot do.


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