[clug] [free junk] Hotchip ODT-4000HD Set top box

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Feb 1 09:05:43 GMT 2007


My old set top box started to have problems powering up. I got a new one.

If anyone is interested, you can have it. The problem might just be a dead 
capacitor (one is bulging a bit). I don't have enough interest to try to fix 

Its a Hotchip ODT-4000HD - the circuit card inside says ZDT-420HD.

The main chip is Broadcom BCM7035RKPB5 (google for Broadcom BCM7035). There is 
some kind of NEC chip - VR5432 (perhaps MIPS CPU). It has an RS232 port and 
about a 40 pin header connected to some kind of boot flash that could 
probably be used to make it boot differently.

There is a philips TU1216 tuner.

Willing to bring it to CLUG or PSIG. I'm certainly not going to ship it 


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