[clug] NZ Ministry of Justice OSS paper

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  This is a good point to make. The Chinese government are moving down the FOSS track as well. I am not sure they have made their papers quite as public (the 'HK Standard' has had regular newspaper articles about this). Having MS-Office as a 'standard format' is currently a large impediment toward government adoption of any other systems (open source or any other). If our largest trading partner is also using FOSS as their default then this adds a lot of impetus for the FOSS case.

  Having a standard format is often more important than how good or bad that standard format might be.

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Mike Carden wrote:
> The New Zealand ministry of Justice has made available a paper
> discussing the use of Open Source Software (and Open Standards) within
> the ministry.
> It's nicely put together and at nine pages is none too onerous to
> read. I recommend it.
> http://nzoss.org.nz/system/files/moj_oss_strategy_1.0.pdf
> Cheers,
> MC

Thanks for sending that out, Michael.

FYI, I dropped a copy of it off with Senator Lundy yesterday afternoon,
along with some other papers that we had discussed during our meeting.
I am sure that she is above most of the content of the paper, but it it
worth her knowing that yet another national-level govt. department is
serious about this. Alas, Australia is falling further and further
behind in the many opportunities that FOSS opens up for us.


Bob Edwards.
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