[clug] Prepare yourselves for the CLUG Christmas Chaos!

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Thu Dec 13 12:03:10 GMT 2007

Paul Wayper wrote:
> Hi all,
> A little while ago I sent out a proposal for a Christmas barbecue at my place.
>  In the past we've had it on the regular monthly meeting, but this year that
> will be on the 27th, when there'll probably be a lot of people away.  Instead,
> I suggest we have it on the PSIG meeting - the 13th - still a Thursday.  I'm
> also happy to have a barbecue at my house unless anyone's got any better
> suggestions.  

Hi Paul,

Thanks for going to the effort to host the BBQ for us, I had a great time.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you and all CLUG'ers.


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