[clug] Prepare yourselves for the CLUG Christmas Chaos!

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Dec 8 09:49:14 GMT 2007

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Hi all,

A little while ago I sent out a proposal for a Christmas barbecue at my place.
 In the past we've had it on the regular monthly meeting, but this year that
will be on the 27th, when there'll probably be a lot of people away.  Instead,
I suggest we have it on the PSIG meeting - the 13th - still a Thursday.  I'm
also happy to have a barbecue at my house unless anyone's got any better
suggestions.  So:

What: CLUG Christmas BBQ
Where: Paul's House (30 Henry St, Cook)
When: Thursday 13th December 2007, from 6:30pm (cooking stops at 7:30)
What to bring: yourself, any partners or children that want to come, any foods
to cook on the BBQ, and your choice of drinks.
We: provide salads, cutlery, bread and wifi.

Please RSVP by Tuesday (11th) so that I can know what supplies to get in.
Phone me on 0422 392 081 or email me on paulway at mabula.net

Hope to see you all,

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