[clug] Re: meeting with Kate (tridge@samba.org) (linux Digest, Vol 60, Issue 4)

Sakari Mattila smattila at tpg.com.au
Wed Dec 5 13:21:11 GMT 2007

Tridge & Co,

May I suggest you spending reasonable portion of that
valuable time discussing about open vs. proprietary
data formats and open standards vs. proprietary "standards".
I know she knows and you know the name of the game.


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> Subject: [clug] meeting with Kate
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> Bob,
> I've arranged to meet with Kate Lundy next Thursday at 10am. She
> didn't have many open slots so I took what was available. I hope you
> can make that time too.
> I think the main message we should try to get across is not so much a
> push of FOSS for its own sake, but try to answer the question "how can
> FOSS help?"
> I think we shouldn't aim to demo too much - I suspect we more need
> time to discuss with Kate how using FOSS to further the education aims
> of the new government could work. For example, I don't think using
> FOSS should necessarily be mandated, as that might create a lot of
> resentment, instead I'd like to see the federal government providing
> support to help make FOSS a choice that is easy to make, and to help
> point out the advantages for schools that might choose to use it.
> I'll also bring an OLPC laptop along, which might be interesting for
> primary school use in parts of Australia (especially outback
> locations) given its very robust nature.
> Cheers, Tridge
> PS: James, I will email Kathryn Moyle as well and see if she is
> interested in this 

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