[clug] [OT] why "Do Not Call" register?

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Thu Aug 23 13:52:35 GMT 2007

Paul Wayper wrote:
> The reality is that there's no way to prevent these calls, even if 
> phone numbers were cryptographically sparse and the cost of dialling 
> an unconnected number was ten times that of dialling a real number.  
> Companies would collect the phone numbers of their own clients, 
> databases would be made and then sold on and merged and so forth and 
> sooner or later we'd be getting the cold calls again.

The solution to this problem seems very simple.  You hold the company 
that sells the product responsible, not the company that actually 
performed the calls.
If the marketer did it off their own bat, the company can sue them and 
attempt to extract the money that way.  But as a first step, the company 
loses and will take measures to prevent it.


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