[clug] [OT] why "Do Not Call" register?

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Thu Aug 23 01:30:29 GMT 2007

Robert Edwards wrote:
> I could download the database each week/month, or query it in real-time,
> as calls come in. Then I can choose which unsolicited phonecalls I
> want to take and which I want to time out, or give an engaged tone.
> And I don't need to register my number with some government database. 
> Anyone got any thoughts on this proposal?

I think that your system would work wonderfully if you had a computer 
sitting there screening your calls, or at least doing lookups on the 
database.  Most people don't have that, I think that most people don't 
even have caller id.

I few the hastle of unsolicited phonecalls as the fact that the phone 
rings.  Because when the phone rings I have to stop eating dinner, get 
up from the table interrupting any conversation, wander over to the 
phone and answer it.  I then have to deal with the phone call and amble 
back to my meal.  The Indian who greats me with "How are you today Sir?  
May I speak with the Master of the house?" allows me to hang up the 
phone within seconds if I wish.

So it's not filtering the phone call that takes up my time, it's the 
fact that it rings at all.


PS: I wish to publically state that if a political member calls me up 
and plays me an automated "Vote for me" message I will put them last on 
my voting paper, regardless of how much I might agree with their 
ideals.  I did it in the last local election, I will do it in all future 

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