[clug] Higher level CGI frameworks?

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Apr 25 11:51:02 GMT 2007

Michael James wrote:

> In the bad old days, I wrote simple web apps in Perl CGI.
> Ended up with some ugly un-maintainable mazes that still haunt me.

If you need to continue to maintain this software then you may find the first 
half of our Web Development with Perl course manual handy (classical CGI + 
templating, session management, data validation, form fill-in etc).


> So what's better?

I was going to suggest HTML::Mason (second half of the course notes) although I 
haven't run into the problems you've mentioned.  You may also find Jifty and 
Catalyst worth looking at.

Alternately Drupal, Zope and Ruby on Rails might also be good options.  It 
depends on what you need.

All the best,


PS:  Feedback on the course notes is always appreciated!

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