[clug] Higher level CGI frameworks?

Tony Lewis gnutered at yahoo.com.au
Wed Apr 25 00:01:03 GMT 2007

Michael James wrote:
> On a LAMPerl, LAMPython, or LAMJava platform
>  what is a better web app development framework than CGI?

I'll throw my amateur opinion in here.  If I was looking at developing a 
web app, I'd look hard at using the Echo2 framework from NextApp.  
http://nextapp.com/.  There's a nice demo.  The idea AFACT is that you 
write your app in Java, more like it was a thick app (native Java, event 
driven) and the framework does all the HTML an javascript in a very 
AJAXy way.

I'd also consider turbogears and django, mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

Mind you, I've never written a web app in my life (though I've had to 
maintain a few).  JavaScript and AJAX have security implications that 
make it probably unsuitable for public internet at the moment.  The 
PHP+MySQL in LAMP makes my head hurt, especially the PHP part.

> PS: The verbosity of java is a turn-off.

It's a conspiracy between Sun and keyboard manufacturers.


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