[clug] Wireless access points?

Tarrant tarrantm at iinet.net.au
Wed Apr 25 01:06:02 GMT 2007

For a small install of a router/firewall/proxy/spam filter/vpn solution I have found www.endian.it. They have two versions, the enterprise which is a real hardware box and some more extra features on the software that is roughly $600~ in cost. Or the community version which is an OS based off CentOS/RHE. Nice and stable really. I've had it running in a few places now and it's just... stayed up.

If you're so bold you can point the smart package manager to the CentOS mirror and download normal packages - so a full fledged linux server in practicality, although some will/might break the few custom-built Endian packages that make it work.

I think it knocks IPCop and Smoothwall over pretty well.

- Tarrant

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