[clug] Transact setup

Alex Osborne alex at mugofgrog.com
Tue Apr 24 01:45:51 GMT 2007

Hi Adrian,

TransACT uses PPPOE for their connections. All you should need to do is 
open a terminal and run:

sudo pppoeconf

It'll then ask you a bunch of questions like username, password etc. 
Fill in the details that worked in Windows, the username should be  of 
the form username at grapevine.com.au. Once pppoeconf is done, you should 
be able to connect with "pon dsl-provider" and disconnect with "poff".



Adrian Blake wrote:
> I am assisting a colleague at work who has just install Ubuntu 6.?? as 
> a dual boot. he has TransACT connection and uses Grapevine as the 
> Internet service supplier. The Internet via windows works perfectly. 
> Would someone give me some broad setup instructions as Grapevine were 
> not interested in Linux users.
> Adrian

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