[clug] Transact setup

Jim Watson jim at amarooas.com.au
Tue Apr 24 01:58:00 GMT 2007

On 24/04/2007, at 11:33 AM, Adrian Blake wrote:

> I am assisting a colleague at work who has just install Ubuntu 6.??  
> as a dual boot. he has TransACT connection and uses Grapevine as  
> the Internet service supplier. The Internet via windows works  
> perfectly. Would someone give me some broad setup instructions as  
> Grapevine were not interested in Linux users.

Adrian, just from memory there are 3 steps to consider with transact.

Step 1: is ethernet up?

Step 2: is nameserver working

Step 3: ISP user/password (same as windows)

I suggest you check step 1 first as root
# ifconfig
# route
# route -n

what is output?

it is the same as normal network setup

If ethernet is working, can you ping google?

#ping www.google.com.au
# ping

report the outputs


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