[clug] ATX system fan connectors

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 05:30:53 GMT 2007

> If you are after a completely software solution to the problem, then I
> think that you probably want to install lm-sensors which includes a
> shellscript called fancontrol. Once installed you use pwmconfig to
> calibrate the fans (it adjusts the voltage and looks for which fan
> slowed down, then it goes through a bunch of voltages asking you when
> the fan stops completely, and when it starts again).

I can heartily agree with this.  The only problem being that not all
Motherboards can do this and not all ones that can are supported!

In any case this worked a treat on my P4 HT 3.6Ghz machine in a crummy
old box that was full of dust with only one extra case fan. Despite
all the dire warnings I set up my config to only turn on the fans
(slowly!) when the CPU hit 60deg. From then on I enjoyed just about
completely silent computing (except the PS fan!) and this was all with
the stock Intel Cooler.

The CPU temp used to hover around 40-50deg at most times, I have been
told that this is bad but then it worked for me for about 2 years no


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