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Hi there

On 02/04/07, Michael Still <mikal at stillhq.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> I've just finished getting the front LCD panel and remote control
> working on my new Zalman HD160 media center case. Now I want to do
> something about the noisy 2 * 80 mm system fans. The problem is, I know
> nothing about variable speed fan control.
> So, I want some sort of thingie that takes the system fan connector on
> the ATX mother board, and uses that to spin up or down the case fans
> (which can be powered from four pin molex).
> Do such things exist?

If you are after a completely software solution to the problem, then I
think that you probably want to install lm-sensors which includes a
shellscript called fancontrol. Once installed you use pwmconfig to
calibrate the fans (it adjusts the voltage and looks for which fan
slowed down, then it goes through a bunch of voltages asking you when
the fan stops completely, and when it starts again).

For reference, my /etc/fancontrol looks like this:
FCFANS= 9191-0290/pwm2=9191-0290/fan2_input

temp2 and fan2 being the temp of the CPU temperature and CPU fan
respectively - I don't have additional fans on my case (really should
get some), so I haven't actually tried with 2 or 3, but I believe it
is possible.

Then, I just added
fancontrol & disown
to my /etc/rc.local file (since the package didn't come with startup
scripts, and I didn't feel like doing anything more complicated than

> ObLinux: it's a MythTV machine of course.
> Mikal
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