[clug] Re:mirror.pacific.net.au

Rodney Peters rpeters at pcug.org.au
Thu Sep 28 04:39:32 GMT 2006

re whether mirror.pacific.net.au actually has the package, attempting a 
download from Sourceforge.net or a few other FOSS sources will generally give 
you a choice of mirrors.  mirror.pacific.net.au is the only mirror listed in 
Oz.  I've never attempted to trace whether the download came from the mirror 
or was transparently re-directed elsewhere.

My larger beef with mirror.pacific.net.au is that too many largish downloads 
from it are faulty - fail md5 , even without interruption of the link.  I've 
noticed this particularly with OpenOffice, yet repeating the download from 
planetmirror or openoffice.org invariably succeeds.


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> s it only me or is mirror.pacific.net.au not behaving corrcetly (and who
> do I contact about that fact?)
> Tomasz
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> Tomasz M. Ciolek        

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