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Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Mon Sep 18 03:19:15 GMT 2006

Here's part of my message to ebay fyi:

> Guys, as a security professional I advise people not to use  
> Internet Explorer on windows for any internet exchanges involving  
> money. It is simply too insecure. I get about 100 ebay phishing  
> emails a week on a good week. If I was running Outlook my system  
> would probably already have been owned and all my passwords in  
> China. You should be taking the lead in helping people towards  
> secure ways of doing business on the internet and certainly not  
> actively discouraging them by using non-compliant and non-cross- 
> platform web services.

On 2006 Sep 18, at 12:23 PM, Bill Clarke wrote:
> Kim Holburn wrote, On 09/18/06 11:59:
>> Grrrr....
> I too encountered this recently (~ 2 weeks ago) when trying to upload
> just links to images to Ebay when setting up an auction.  Direct links
> in the text were fine, it's just trying to upload the links to the
> "gallery" images that didn't work.  I resorted to Internet Exploder to
> do just the gallery image link upload.  I noted that the form looked
> quite different in IE, and included the option of using a "snazzy"
> ActiveX control that allowed resizing, rotating and cropping (I  
> think).
> On a related note (browser incompatibility): Canberra Connect no  
> longer
> lets you pay bills online using Firefox (when it used to work just
> fine).  They recommend IE or Safari.  I wrote them a (somewhat  
> abusive)
> complaint (I was irate at the time).  I recommend those of you who use
> the service do the same (although perhaps less abusive might be  
> sensible).
> (I wonder if changing the browser id will help?)

It didn't on ebay, I tried that, things just got weird ;-)

> cheers,
> /lib

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