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Bill Clarke llib at computer.org
Mon Sep 18 02:23:03 GMT 2006

Kim Holburn wrote, On 09/18/06 11:59:
> As a rule I try and keep away from ebay but there you go, sometimes you
> want to do something and the simplest way is to use ebay ;-(
> I was trying to sell something on ebay, first time ever for that, and I
> hit a snag.  I couldn't upload an image of it.  I emailed ebay and got
> back a letter saying among other things:
>> Most likely the problem is browser issues. The site is optimised to run
>> on Internet Explorer 6.
>> Unfortunately if you are using older and/or different browsers, our site
>> is generally unusable. This is due to the fact that many of the forms
>> and navigation use more advanced web language (HTML 4.0, JAVA, etc..).
>> The only advice we can suggest, is to either try to see if you can get
>> an update of the software you are using, or perhaps use another system
>> that has more advanced browser capabilities.
> Grrrr....

I too encountered this recently (~ 2 weeks ago) when trying to upload
just links to images to Ebay when setting up an auction.  Direct links
in the text were fine, it's just trying to upload the links to the
"gallery" images that didn't work.  I resorted to Internet Exploder to
do just the gallery image link upload.  I noted that the form looked
quite different in IE, and included the option of using a "snazzy"
ActiveX control that allowed resizing, rotating and cropping (I think).

On a related note (browser incompatibility): Canberra Connect no longer
lets you pay bills online using Firefox (when it used to work just
fine).  They recommend IE or Safari.  I wrote them a (somewhat abusive)
complaint (I was irate at the time).  I recommend those of you who use
the service do the same (although perhaps less abusive might be sensible).
(I wonder if changing the browser id will help?)

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