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Michael Cohen michael.cohen at netspeed.com.au
Tue Sep 12 12:17:08 GMT 2006

Hi All, 
  Being as clug is a loose collection of linux enthusiasts, I think something
  of the form of a wiki would be ideal. This will allow different people to
  contribute their 2c worth without imposing too much maintainance overhead for
  a few "admins".

  To reduce wiki spam maybe require contributors to be subscribed to the clug
  list and log in as well?  

  I personally prefer moinmoin, but mediawiki is also good (or something else
  could work too).  


On Tue, Sep 12, 2006 at 08:56:26PM +1000, Tarrant wrote:
> OK going back to the issue of the website itself. What about a good design?
> Even the postnuke ANU thing is relatively ugly. 
> I've had some good experience with web designs and graphic design in general
> so I'd be happy to, in conjunction with Pascal too no doubt - to come up
> with a good design. Of course the design would be affected by if a CMS was
> in use, or if it was just straight HTML pages.
> Site wouldn't be too flashy, but wouldn't be so bland either. Something
> corporately clean as it's called. Contained and easy to read what the points
> are. They generally have a horizontal navigation bar too in common findings.
> - Tarrant
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> Somehow, I don't think hosting it is so much of an issue.
> Apart from Tarrant's space at dreamhost, within CLUG we have member from 7
> Web 
> hosting companies (I'm erring on the low side), 4 server colocation
> providers, 
> at least 3 VPS/Xen/UML hosters (again on the low side), as well as a metric 
> crapload of personal boxes scattered across various commodity links, a
> number of 
> personal and business accounts with people such as dreamhost and the like,
> not 
> to mention Ozlabs (who currently host it) and the Power5 LOPP box at ANU.
> Space 
> and traffic is not an issue.
> The biggest problem (as I see it), is the actual site itself. Yes, it does
> need 
> an overhaul. Something active would be nice, something that a number of
> people 
> can update and add to is also probably quite nice. Basically, we have a
> number 
> of options in terms of CMS's (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, PostNuke, PHP-Nuke),
> Blogs 
> (Wordpress, Bloxom, b2Evolution, sBlog), Wiki's (MediaWiki, phpwiki, 
> wikkitikkitava).
> What probably needs to be done is to actually decide what we want the CLUG 
> website to do.
> So, if you want to have input into it, please come along to the PSIG meeting
> on 
> Thursday night and we can define what it needs to do, what would be nice for
> it 
> to do, and then the relevant people can take one step forward and take on
> the 
> project, rather than have 2 groups going in opposite directions to the same
> end.
> Steve
> Martin Schwenke wrote:
> > Note that I've picked a random (but relevant) post in this thread to
> > respond to...
> > 
> >>>>>> "Tarrant" == Tarrant  <tarrant at aeria-design.com> writes:
> > 
> >     Tarrant> Yeah, i can understand the private hosting and things,
> >     Tarrant> although i'm pretty prepared to say it's a somewhat
> >     Tarrant> stable service if it is somewhat 'private'. It's not
> >     Tarrant> going anywhere as i host too many sites [...]
> > 
> > I've just had a chat with the people who control and administer the
> > clug.org.au domain and associated web site(s).  Here's a summary and
> > some comments:
> > 
> > * Hosting is not an issue.  Past and current machines used to host
> >   clug.org.au have been stable and the people who run those machines
> >   are still around.  The site does not need to move (again).
> > 
> > * The only thing that is (badly) dated about the current CLUG web site
> >   is the "Projects" section.
> > 
> >   The proposal is to remove the "Projects" section and move the map
> >   (which dominates the current page) to to a secondary page.  This
> >   will unclutter the main page and allow links to other sites to be
> >   more visible (see next point).
> > 
> > * I believe the admin staff of clug.anu.edu.au (the current postnuke
> >   site) are happy to assign rights to allow people to manage various
> >   news pages.  The main CLUG web page can have a "Latest News" link
> >   (or similar) added that points to <http://clug.anu.edu.au/> (or
> >   similar).
> > 
> > * The only other thing that people seem to be mentioning is a wiki.
> >   We're hoping that someone will strike up a friendly conversation
> >   with someone at Linux Australia and convince them to run a wiki for
> >   LUGs in Australia.  Nobody I spoke to was terribly keen on running a
> >   wiki...
> > 
> >   Alternatively, if someone runs a well maintained wiki then it might
> >   be a good idea to link to it from the main CLUG web site.
> > 
> > Easy...  :-)
> > 
> > peace & happiness,
> > martin
> > 
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