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OK going back to the issue of the website itself. What about a good design?
Even the postnuke ANU thing is relatively ugly. 
I've had some good experience with web designs and graphic design in general
so I'd be happy to, in conjunction with Pascal too no doubt - to come up
with a good design. Of course the design would be affected by if a CMS was
in use, or if it was just straight HTML pages.

Site wouldn't be too flashy, but wouldn't be so bland either. Something
corporately clean as it's called. Contained and easy to read what the points
are. They generally have a horizontal navigation bar too in common findings.

- Tarrant

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Somehow, I don't think hosting it is so much of an issue.

Apart from Tarrant's space at dreamhost, within CLUG we have member from 7
hosting companies (I'm erring on the low side), 4 server colocation
at least 3 VPS/Xen/UML hosters (again on the low side), as well as a metric 
crapload of personal boxes scattered across various commodity links, a
number of 
personal and business accounts with people such as dreamhost and the like,
to mention Ozlabs (who currently host it) and the Power5 LOPP box at ANU.
and traffic is not an issue.

The biggest problem (as I see it), is the actual site itself. Yes, it does
an overhaul. Something active would be nice, something that a number of
can update and add to is also probably quite nice. Basically, we have a
of options in terms of CMS's (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, PostNuke, PHP-Nuke),
(Wordpress, Bloxom, b2Evolution, sBlog), Wiki's (MediaWiki, phpwiki, 

What probably needs to be done is to actually decide what we want the CLUG 
website to do.

So, if you want to have input into it, please come along to the PSIG meeting
Thursday night and we can define what it needs to do, what would be nice for
to do, and then the relevant people can take one step forward and take on
project, rather than have 2 groups going in opposite directions to the same


Martin Schwenke wrote:
> Note that I've picked a random (but relevant) post in this thread to
> respond to...
>>>>>> "Tarrant" == Tarrant  <tarrant at aeria-design.com> writes:
>     Tarrant> Yeah, i can understand the private hosting and things,
>     Tarrant> although i'm pretty prepared to say it's a somewhat
>     Tarrant> stable service if it is somewhat 'private'. It's not
>     Tarrant> going anywhere as i host too many sites [...]
> I've just had a chat with the people who control and administer the
> clug.org.au domain and associated web site(s).  Here's a summary and
> some comments:
> * Hosting is not an issue.  Past and current machines used to host
>   clug.org.au have been stable and the people who run those machines
>   are still around.  The site does not need to move (again).
> * The only thing that is (badly) dated about the current CLUG web site
>   is the "Projects" section.
>   The proposal is to remove the "Projects" section and move the map
>   (which dominates the current page) to to a secondary page.  This
>   will unclutter the main page and allow links to other sites to be
>   more visible (see next point).
> * I believe the admin staff of clug.anu.edu.au (the current postnuke
>   site) are happy to assign rights to allow people to manage various
>   news pages.  The main CLUG web page can have a "Latest News" link
>   (or similar) added that points to <http://clug.anu.edu.au/> (or
>   similar).
> * The only other thing that people seem to be mentioning is a wiki.
>   We're hoping that someone will strike up a friendly conversation
>   with someone at Linux Australia and convince them to run a wiki for
>   LUGs in Australia.  Nobody I spoke to was terribly keen on running a
>   wiki...
>   Alternatively, if someone runs a well maintained wiki then it might
>   be a good idea to link to it from the main CLUG web site.
> Easy...  :-)
> peace & happiness,
> martin
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