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>>> >  I have a new Collax server I am evaluationg for a 
>>> not-for-profit.  CXS is a small business server that competes 
>>> with MSFT SBS and it will replace a very old NT4.0 server.  
>>> Remote admin is done through firefox and it uses wizards.  
>>> LDAP was installed during the inital installation and this is 
>>> my first actual use of ldap.  I made the server a Primary 
>>> Domain Controller and I am trying to join an XP pc into the 
>>> domain.  I created two users on cxs with a matching login ids 
>>> to the XP machine.

>>That would create pass-through authentication, not domain authentication.

  What would create pass-through authentification??  On the XP machine I tried to change the network from workgroup "X" to Domain "Y" and I was prompted for a username and password.  The resuld was a login failure: user unknown.

>>The questions I would be asking are...
>>Do you have to join the XP machines to the domain?  (try it and see)

 I want the CXS server to appear on the network as a NT server and the way I read it, CXS has the ability to act as an NT PDC.  This will give me a central login administration, as opposed to to "workgroup" type of network where each PC stores user passwords.  A person jumping from one PC to another could potentially have more than one password in a workgroup.

(the server that is now running is more than 12 years old at the not-for-profit, and it was a used/ donated machine when it arrived.)

>>Do you need an account for the PC's as well as the users? (check any
>>security logs that may exist)
>>XP also has other peculiar behaviours where a client cannot access/login to
>>a domain if:
>>(a) the time difference on the machines is more than 7 minutes.
>>(b) the default gateway and DNS are not set to address of the DC, thus
>>causing requests to end up being broadcasted and then blackhold. (set static
>>IP's and options pointed to the new server and see if this helps.

  The time set may be an issue.  I recall now that I have not verified the time on the new server.  The installation process did not ask for the time or timezone.

   I stated at the beginning of my message that I am new to LDAP.  I am thinking that there is an ldap admin password??

  I have been playing with ldappasswd.  If I issue ldappasswd -A (prompt me for my password), (1) I am prompted for my 'old password.'  I am logged into 'admin,' and I enter that password. (2) I am prompted to reenter the old password.  (3) I then receive a message stating the some authentification has been started. (sorry I do not recal the exact message)  I am then prompted for "my password."  I do not know what my password.  It is not the root password and it is not the admin password.  

  Is there an ldap admin password?  THe installation process was automated, I only entered information regarding the selection of the harddisk to be used.  

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>>linux at lists.samba.org

  Thanks for the hints.


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