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Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 12 01:25:23 GMT 2006

Firstly, thanks Tarrant, for offering to host a site from your dreamhost
account. As CLUG has no "official" status at all (not an incorporated
association etc.) and no assets, we generally rely on the generosity
of "members" (people who turn up at the meetings and/or who participate
on this mailing list) for getting things done.

However, I just wanted to sound a cautionary alarm about tying CLUG
stuff to individuals private accounts etc. So far, CLUG mailing lists
have been hosted by samba.org (with MANY MANY thanks!) and the website
by the Ozlabs guys. In the past, it was hosted on ANU servers (when
Tridge was here).

So, I think that whoever does host this stuff, it should be where a
group of people can manage it so there is less likelihood of it
"disappearing" if someone "moves on". Linux Australia could be a
logical choice, although there might be politics involved in that.
In the meantime, ANU are happy to host the site on the IBM Power
portal machine (or other machine as required) and, presumably, Ozlabs
and also happy to continue hosting it.


Bob Edwards.

Tony Breeds wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 12, 2006 at 10:09:42AM +1000, Tarrant wrote:
>>Yeah, we could. It's a bit of a pain at school to upload anything though,
>>mind where there's a will there's a way. I love SSH Tunnels.
>>I can't make it to Thursday meetings so Pascal - let me know the outcome. I
>>love the idea though.
>>One could always go for something like Joomla if a non-blog-type CMS was
>>needed. I'm not fussed on Drupal personally, I see Joomla being so much more
> Well we need to use postNuke for the power portal so I'd be keen
> (despite the problems with postnuke) to use that.
> Anyway.  I see there is no talk planned for the PSIG.  perhaps we have
> have a 30min BOF at the begining?
> (with pascal representing himself and you ;P)
> Yours Tony
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>    Jan 15-20 2007      The Australian Linux Technical Conference!

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