[clug] linux on laptops

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed Sep 6 02:25:50 GMT 2006

I'm running a Toshiba A100/600 and it's been absolutely rock solid for me under 
kororaa, Fedora and vanilla gentoo. Accessing the BIOS is a snap, as is 
selecting the boot device. My only beef was some fardnarkling to get the wifi 
working, which I understand now Just Works(tm) for most distro's.

First thing I did was shrink the NTFS partition from 60Gb to 10Gb, then threw 
linux on it. After that, it pretty much Just Plain Worked(tm).

Even with a Core Duo, a bigger HDD and a larger screen, it still weighs in at 
nearly half as much as my previous laptop, a Dell Inspiron 510.

If she does need to run windows, you can always make up a vmware instance for 
the critical apps, which still has a pretty snappy response thanks mainly to the 

Adrian Blake wrote:
> Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with installing and running 
> Linux on any of these machines. They are at the lower end of the market.
> My daughter wants to purchase one and she has been brought up on Linux 
> for over 10 years. She is just a user, her only experience  with windoz 
> has been at high school.
> Her main applications will be Openoffice, gimp, e-mail, browsing & 
> transferring music from CDs to her mp3 player.
> Compaq v4407TU
> toshiba satellite M50 M00
> toshiba A100 HooNB
> ACER 1642ZWLMi
> viewing http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/ does not give precise 
> information on these models but reading between the lines suggest that 
> they will work. Before purchasing I hope to run a live Linux CD such as 
> Ubuntu on each.
> Any other suggestions are welcome.
> Adrian

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