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On 04/09/2006, at 12:56 PM, arafangion wrote:

>> Please do not get confused by the bullshit Bachelor of Software  
>> Engineering at University of Canberra (Canb). It is the B.IT  
>> course with a fancy name.

> Yes, however in their sole credit, they did offer to allow existing  
> engineers to continue studying for our degree, rather than simply  
> kicking us out, and the AIE _will_ ratify this degree.  So, while  
> the degree is discontinued, those who signed up in or before 2004  
> can still do it, provided we graduate in 2007. (But if we fail any  
> single subject, it's bye-bye, and we have to switch).

Ah additional information needed. Just to make it really confusing,  
UC offered  (pre 2005) a Bachelor of Engineering in Software  
Engineering along with a Bachelor of Software Engineering. UC now  
only offers the Bachelor of Software Engineering. The Bachelor of  
Engineering in Software Engineering was 4 years long and was an  
Engineering degree, the Bachelor of Software Engineering is a 3 year  
degree and in my opinion misleading and deceptive conduct since it is  
equivalent to a B.IT.

UC also offered (pre 2005) B Engineering in Computer Engineering and  
B Engineering in Electrical Engineering. Michael Still and myself  
have one of these Institute of Engineers Australia (IEAust)  
qualifying Engineering degrees.

The Bachelor of Software Engineering at UC will not be ratified by  
IEAust. It does not have the required Mathematics / Management.

You cannot start an IEAust approved Engineering Degree at UC at present.

Points I would make on the BE v BIT choice.
A Bachelor of Engineering (BE) is easy to turn into a Bachelor of  
Information Technology (BIT), you just change courses. A BIT is very  
hard to turn into a BE as you need to make up the required Math and  
Management and sometimes harder Major/Minor subjects, and be admitted  
to a harder course level.

A BE is on a different level to a BIT, I have had a credit average  
job requirement dropped when I was running against BIT graduates.  
Informed employers do understand the higher work-rate for a pass  
level BE degree. I transfered into my BE CompE / LLB from a B Comp  
Sci, I had a Distinction average in the B Comp Sci, you do not want  
to know my BE CompE / LLB average but I have the degree. I had real  
problems with the math requirements.

BE will allow you to get professional recognition and thus  
professional support / insurance. If you want to go consulting  
without professional recognition / support / insurance, good luck.

Also during your degree, get as good marks as possible OR/AND as good  
work experience as possible. Coasting is bad, I have experience in  
this, this is making graduate job-searching difficult.

PS. And for those interested both BIT and BSE at UC are remarkably  
similar, there are 3 subjects out of 24 that are different (not  
counting 6 electives)

B Information Technology.

B Software Engineering.
Michael Tomkins
michft at gmail.com
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