[clug] Software Engineering

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Mon Sep 4 06:49:43 GMT 2006

Arafangion wrote:
> steve jenkin wrote:
>> <snip>
>> Mikals' note about an anti-UC bias in town is somewhat true. I've heard
>> this multiple times and had poor work performance from more than one UC
>> grad myself :-( [CCAE *was* at the forefront of "ADP" in the late 60's
>> and 70's - their "PIT" scheme with the Fed Govt created a pool of talent
>> that still has tremendous impact.]
> Keep in mind that most graduates of UC are _not_ engineers (I am 
> currently studing engineering at UC).
> I have noticed a huge confusion between "Software Engineering" and 
> "Engineering in Software Engineering" at UC, perhaps this is a 
> contributing factor.  UC takes great pride in being "Practical", while 
> ANU is far more theoretical.  As it is today, if you want to do 
> Engineering in canberra, you really only have ANU to choose from.

UC changed their degree offering a few years ago and started offering 
"Software Engineering". At the time they promised that degree would be 
acredited as a real engineering degree. They were confused.

UC has offered real engineering degrees though. I have one.


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