[clug] Software Engineering

Arafangion arafangion at fussycoder.id.au
Sun Sep 3 04:14:46 GMT 2006

steve jenkin wrote:
> <snip>
> Mikals' note about an anti-UC bias in town is somewhat true. I've heard
> this multiple times and had poor work performance from more than one UC
> grad myself :-( [CCAE *was* at the forefront of "ADP" in the late 60's
> and 70's - their "PIT" scheme with the Fed Govt created a pool of talent
> that still has tremendous impact.]
Keep in mind that most graduates of UC are _not_ engineers (I am 
currently studing engineering at UC).
I have noticed a huge confusion between "Software Engineering" and 
"Engineering in Software Engineering" at UC, perhaps this is a 
contributing factor.  UC takes great pride in being "Practical", while 
ANU is far more theoretical.  As it is today, if you want to do 
Engineering in canberra, you really only have ANU to choose from.


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