[clug] Trump Telstra once and for all

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Tue Oct 10 11:28:22 GMT 2006

Andrew Goodall <andrew at fumpet.net> wrote:
> unobtainable  
> except through the limited assets that TransACT already has

Limited may be technically correct, but I think there's enough of those
Marconi boxes sitting around to put one in every household in Canberra
and *still* have a warehouse full left over. I could be wrong though, I
never worked for TransACT, I just work with half a dozen guys who did.
They tell some interesting stories. :)

> In testing non-standard rates, I think one of the modems managed 13  
> Mbit/s.

My Marconi can sustain two video streams (8Mb/s each?) and my 512kb IP
connection running flat-out simultaneously.
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