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Ramana Kumar ramana.kumar at gmail.com
Fri May 26 13:34:56 GMT 2006

i've had a pioneer laptop for about 4 months now - i'm quite happy
with it =) none of the hardware has actually broken...
what could i say... they custom built everything exactly as i wanted
(and anything wrong with it i can almost blame myself for...)
the keyboard requires more definite keystrokes than the other
keyboards i use... something to do with the mechanism... it's not a
major problem though - this may be something true of all laptop
keyboards (and just what i'm used to).
the screen hinge is fine - though i haven't had it long. i don't
expect it to break..
the fan can be a bit noisy (this may be because i have a 2ghz
processor usually doing something like foldingathome) - but at least
it's in a more useful place than on the bottom (it's on the side where
the air can actually come out).
i carry it around in a targus backpack (sometimes on a bicycle) - i
guess that's the extent of my durability test.
let me know if you'd like anything more specific from me.

On 5/21/06, Michael Manning <michael at michaelmanning.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am looking at purchasing the dual core 64bit Pioneer laptop that is
> due out in early June.
> A couple of months ago there where a couple of posts about the initial
> feedback of purchases from Pioneer, and I was wondering what the
> experience had been like after using them for a bit longer now.
> Specifically I was interested in the LCD hinge assembly and how it was
> lasting, along with other comments on the general durability.
> Cheers
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