[clug] building computer

Luke Fletcher luke.fletcher at anu.edu.au
Tue May 16 22:17:05 GMT 2006

I've had some recent good experiences with:
based in Sydney and use Allied Express by default. 
They permitted me to modify my order after I had paid and have a free 
delivery lottery to certain postcodes (this week includes Kambah!).

Luke F.

freds73 at aapt.net.au wrote:

> I want to build a new computer  and am wondering where to buy the 
> parts.  Are there any companies in Canberra which have a good 
> reputation, or
> would you get the lot from a computer fair.
>  Does a computer fair still happen at the exhibition centre or has it  
> changed to be only at the university amenities hall?
>  As I am not into graphics cards, what is the difference between a 
> nvidia  6200 and a nvidia 6600 card, the specs on the cards list the 
> 6200 as  having a faster gpu than the 6600, but lesser performance.
> Fred

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