[clug] Mythtv setup

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Tue May 9 06:19:19 GMT 2006

Crosskey, Jason (DPS) wrote:
> Can someone help me setup mythtv under fedora 4  with a hauppage PVR350.
> I tried to follow the HOWTO but it losses me. I got stuck at the point
> of not having qmake but that isn't my only issue. I just don't fully
> understand the process. If someone can take me through it step by step
> so I can do it myself next time I will offer something for your efforts.
> Eg beer, computer bits etc.
I'm assuming you're talking about the HOWTO on mythtv.org.  If so, have 
you tried using Jarod Wilson's MythTV on Fedora instructions?  
http://www.wilsonet.com/mythtv.  In short, you should be able to install 
it all from RPMs (albeit only using ATRPMS where physically 
unavoidable).  Jarod's instructions are much better than the mythtv.org 
website, which (last time I checked) wanted you to compile it from scratch.

I'm happy to come round and help you get it working at some convenient 
time - just catch me at home on 6251 5257 or 0422 392 081 or 
paulway at mabula.net. 
> I was thinking of buying the Tevion DVB-T card from Aldi for mythtv. It
> is really a K-World DVB220 card. Has anyone used one of these for
> mythtv. If it works I would like to set it up with this. The only
> problem I know of is the file format it creates can't be edited on
> common NLE software.
Ignore the file format problem - if you've got a DVB card, MythTV 
records directly from the MPEG2 Transport Stream into its own NUV or MPG 
file.  You may also be able to convert it using the ever-flexible 
transcode.  But in general with MythTV the idea of exactly which file is 
what program is abstracted away.

Are there other CLUGgers interested in having another MythTV Fix-o-day?  
A day where anyone wanting to install MythTV, or that has a MythTV 
machine partially working, or is willing to give some assistance to the 
previous two groups, gets together somewhere comfortable and we try to 
nail as many problems as we can in the time available?  We had one a 
while back which was very successfull, and I know that when I did my 
talk on MythTV last year at the CLUG meeting there were a couple of 
people who had semi-working MythTV machines that we were able to 
progress a bit on (including mine :-).  Anyone?

Have fun,


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