[clug] Mythtv setup

Crosskey, Jason (DPS) Jason.Crosskey at aph.gov.au
Tue May 9 05:23:56 GMT 2006

Can someone help me setup mythtv under fedora 4  with a hauppage PVR350.
I tried to follow the HOWTO but it losses me. I got stuck at the point
of not having qmake but that isn't my only issue. I just don't fully
understand the process. If someone can take me through it step by step
so I can do it myself next time I will offer something for your efforts.
Eg beer, computer bits etc.

I was thinking of buying the Tevion DVB-T card from Aldi for mythtv. It
is really a K-World DVB220 card. Has anyone used one of these for
mythtv. If it works I would like to set it up with this. The only
problem I know of is the file format it creates can't be edited on
common NLE software.

Jason Crosskey

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