[clug] [for sale] WANTED: nVidia 5200 gfx card

Chris Smart - Kororaa chris at kororaa.org
Mon May 1 23:45:38 GMT 2006

Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:

> I've been dabbling in MythTV, and my remaining hurdle is to try and 
> get good quality TV out.  Both the ATI and S3 graphics cards I have 
> access to produce pretty poor TV out.

Personally I have found ALL TV-out is pretty bad. I use VGA connections 
straight to a projector. It's picture perfect, and on Linux the DVD 
quality is better than my DVD player.
My TV does support VGA in, but it's only 640x480 :( but you can get 
cheap BenQ projectors which work a treat. I'll show you sometime if you 

> To good oil seems to recommend an nVidia 5200 or 6200 series.  These 
> are pretty low spec cards these days.  Does any one have one they 
> would like to sell, or (even better) lend me for a few days?

I have a 5200 with TV-out and it's still not that great, even with 
high-end gold plated cable. Colours are still washed and it's grainy, 
well compared to VGA anyhow ;)


> Tony

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