[clug] Other distros on an XBox?

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Sun Mar 26 19:04:17 GMT 2006

Michael Cohen wrote:
> Michael

(I've already done a dist-upgrade to debian testing).

>   You will need to obtain the nvxbox display driver for xorg. It doesnt come
>   with any distro since it is a patch to the nv driver. Recompiling xorg is
>   very difficult because the build system is still old fashioned (imake etc).
>   using xebian you get an already compiled xfree86 but if you do a dist-upgrade
>   it will blow away xfree86 and install xorg which is broken on xbox. 

I let the upgrade do the xorg installation for me before I saw this 
message. The xorg.conf now claims to use the nvxbox driver, but now that 
you make me go and look at the machine (I had been working on it 
remotely) X isn't working. I guess I get to look into how hard it is to 
build that driver.

>   The kernel patches are required to provide fatx support (the fat variant on
>   xbox). I dont think you have to run fatx unless you also want it to play
>   games.

The kernel didn't seem to get upgraded during the dist-upgrade... I'm 
still running a kernel which claims it was compiled in 2004, so I think 
that means that I don't have to worry about that bit.

>   I recommend to use xebian and try to pin xfree86 to prevent the upgrade to
>   xorg. 
>   Other than that the xbox makes for a fine mythtv box which is mostly all I
>   use it for nowadays.

Yeah, this is all in an effort to have a slightly more modern machine to 
run mythfrontend on in the kid's playroom.

Thanks for the pointers, I'll give this all a try.


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