[clug] uPnP clients and servers

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Sat Mar 25 19:26:09 GMT 2006

Greetings for California.

I finally got around to playing with my Netgear MP101 uPnP client, and 
I've got it working. However, I am having this stange problem where the 
audio pauses for 30 second intervals during playback. I strongly suspect 
this is because of read delays from gmediaserver. I can reduce the delay 
time by significantly reducing the number of files gmediaserver is aware 
of (from thousands to tens).

I want to verify that this is gmediaserver's problem and not a problem 
with the MP101 by running a uPnP client on my laptop, but I can't find a 
good uPnP client for Linux. Any suggestions?

Also, I know that a bunch of you have been playing with uPnP devices... 
Does anyone have suggestions for a media server that doesn't suck? 
Features I'd like:

  - random access to my thousands of mp3s
  - streaming "radio" style music in the form of a web editable
    playlist [1]
  - good logging of client actions, such as skipping to the end of a 
    and so forth
  - support for snarfing audio from OSS / ALSA and streaming it over the
  - video support would be cool too

So, thoughts people?


1: In a perfect world it would learn the music that my various family 
members like, and then decide what to stream based on who is present. I 
am willing to consider RFID enabling my kids to make this happen, 
although it might be easier to have a web interface with checkboxes.

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