[clug] CLUG feedback - togra pretty cube thing

Doug Schache doug.schache at zantech.com.au
Fri Mar 24 14:05:28 GMT 2006


Pascal Klein wrote:
> Wasn't there something like this at LCA '06? If I recall correctly
> someone wrote an environment or something of the sort, in C or a
> varient thereof, which had incredible support for a multitude of python
> scripts one of which was this revolving cube. On 4 sides of the cube,
> respectively, were the video streams of each of the presentations going
> on at one time. They used gstreamer and just let the volume go down as
> the cube turned slowely and the next face, and thus the next video
> stream came into view.
> I can't recall what it's called, but I think it was a sourceforge
> project, GPLed and started with 'T'. Sorry.
> It was heaps cool and ended up being quite an attraction as it was
> being displayed on a plasma tv or something like that in the middle of
> the lounge area. Quite cool.
> Cheers,
> Pascal
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>> Am looking to set up a non-interactive, but dynamic display. Was
>> wondering what the
>> best way of "scripting" an XGl sort of app might be. Looking at a slowly
>> spinning cube
>> with different content displayed on each face (one or two video streams,
>> some scrolling
>> text etc.). Anyone got some working suggestions? Am inclined to look at
>> what Python
>> can do for me, but maybe there is a more straightforward way built into,
>> eg. XGl?
>> Cheers,
>> Bob Edwards.

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