[clug] Debian policy on DNS zone files

Paul TBBle Hampson Paul.Hampson at anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 23 07:42:34 GMT 2006

On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 10:26:04AM +1100, Michael James wrote:
> Could someone more conversant with Debian and Linux FHS
>  tell me if the policy of "all configuration files belong in /etc"
>  applies to DNS master zone files?

> ie: Should they be in /etc/named.d/master ?
> Or is it considered alright for them to be hidden
>  down in the actual chroot jail /var/lib/named/ ?

The normal Debian bind setup is master files in /etc/bind/, with the
full path in the 'file' entry for the zone.

Secondaries get just the filename in their 'file' entry, and end up in
/var/cache/bind/ by virtue of the current directory setting.

Of course, that's Debian policy, so the local admin is free to ignore it
if it solves a problem. Just make sure your backup strategy knows to
grab them. ^_^

(Maybe a bind-mount will let you get your zone masters into place
without having to play silly-buggers with symlinks?)

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