[clug] Power 5 machines ready to go

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 22 22:31:44 GMT 2006

Just thought I should let you all know that Steve and I have put in a
bit of work and that the Power 5 machines contributed by IBM to the
ANU and for CLUG are now up and ready for community use (at least one
partition is, anyway).

We have a PostNuke set up on "clug.anu.edu.au" that you can register
yourself onto. Once you have registered, you should be able to then
SSH into "tridge.anu.edu.au", which is a "partition" of the same
machine (read: virtual host) running Debian "etch" (testing) for ppc64.

For those interested, we ended up ditching the LDAP idea for now and
are instead using the MySQL database that sits behind PostNuke as our
authentication and name server for "tridge" (using libpam-mysql and
libnss-mysql, respectively, as well as the mkhomedir PAM module).

If anyone is keen to "dress-up" the PostNuke site on "clug.anu.edu.au"
and add cool features etc., please let me know.

Please also note that out-going connections from "tridge.anu.edu.au"
are severly limited - the idea is that if you can connect in, you
probably can also connect directly to other sites from where you are.
If you need a hole drilled through the firewall for a particular app.
(eg. access to a remote database or whatever), please let me know.


Bob Edwards.

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