[clug] Curiously Strong Magnets [vaguely FOR SALE]

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Wed Mar 8 00:31:03 GMT 2006

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Chris Henman wrote:
> david wrote:
>> freegazer wrote:
>>> (re: magnets) blasphemer! they are the devils work! but really,
>>> they are really good for speakers.... and killing time .. and
>>> freaking out cats :)
>> I believe some of the best magnets come from hard
>> drives......which seems paradoxical.
> They certainly do (come from HDs) - don't get your finger caught
> between the two in each HD - they are strong enough to give you a
> good nip. what happens with cats ? is it fun ? is it legal ?
> invaluable for entertaining small children - magnets i.e.

This is too good an opportunity to pass up - it's nearly on-topic!

Afflicted as I am by unending curiosity, I bought a sample-pack of
rare-earth magnets in various shapes and sizes for myself for
Christmas.  I brought them along to the last CLUG meeting to amuse
people and to sell off the quantities and types I don't really need.
To formalise things slightly, I thought I'd put up a price list at

These things come in all shapes and sizes - cylinders, discs, cubes,
rectangular solids, spheres, even rings.  They're good for everything
- - sticking things to the fridge, repairing old door latches and
cupboard returns, making instant ear jewellery without the piercing,
amusing yourself with various combinations and shapes, and, in the
words of The Great Magneto, displaying unearthly powers at great
distance on unsuspecting victims' monitors.  If you're The Great
Magneto, make sure you have a degaussing wand and don't get too close
- - these things are powerful enough to physically bend the shadow mask,
damaging a CRT permanently.  Naturally, they'll also happily wipe
credit cards and floppy disks - but who uses those these days?
There's no danger of them wiping hard disks, flash drives or computer
components - unless you let them physically damage or short something,
of course.

So, in my best 'Throat' Dibbler accent, what'll it be, guv?

Have fun,


P.S. I still want to hear about the cats - unless it involves pain.
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