[clug] is there a follow-up on last meeting?

freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 05:37:30 GMT 2006

Many Thanks for that Chris, as you want to add registration to the site I
won't add this lot to it just yet, it would probably get confusing.
Just a few notes on the Meeting, Please advise me on inaccuracies as I hope
to build on these facts:

Make the Move
Getting towards the end of the Pizza and General Discussion segment,
somebody was talking about having storyboards put up in the wiki and then
being developed in a "open source" contribution method where people use the
site to browse, critic and assist with developing the storyboards into
standard TV length advertisements. which could then be added to google video
During the meeting there was more than a few great ideas put forward and I
think most if not all of them could be benefit from being developed this

I got a little confused during the dicussion on this. Mostly I think that
was due to almost everyone having something important to contribute. If
anyone can see something blatantly incorrect in the following, please let me

* CLUG is currently assessing the feasibility starting an LLG or
contributing in someway to helping people " Make the Move " (in addition to
the wiki / ads above).
* currently the LLG group at PCUG has a consistent turnout (often quite a
considerable one)
* both CLUG (through the Uni) and PCUG currently have computer labs
available that could be used for workshops / training / hands on application
* CLUG would need to orgainise these activities through the Uni and
therefore would need a longer leadtime.
* PCUG would need attendies to pay for insurance/liability reasons (at
* PCUG LLG folk have more than a little experince with techniques that
assist peaple in making the move and on the flip side the techniques that
* CLUG has not held a workshop / installfest for sometime. During Pizza it
seemed many were in favour of running another.
* There is a strong consensus that the current format of CLUG of two
presentations with a pizza break & General discussion is fine and should
still be available
* The idea was floated of having a large 'joined' presentation after which
the group be divided up into seperate groups to allow for an LLG style
presentation and a second CLUG presentation running simultaneosly

On 6/25/06, Chris Smart <chris at kororaa.org> wrote:
> On 25/6/06 10:59 AM, "freegazer" <freegazer at gmail.com> wrote:
> > just wondering if we have as yet a follow-up for our PCUG / LLG /
> Marketing
> > meeting?
> > during the meeting there was dicussion both on the wiki and a mailing
> list
> > (both work in progress status) and there is somethings I would like to
> > contribute to before I forget the details.
> Not as yet, but it's coming. As I mentioned at the meeting, I finish up at
> work the end of next week so I'll have more time to put into it then.
> The wiki is up at http://wiki.makethemove.net (though I want to change it
> to
> require registration to edit). I haven't arranged the mailing list yet,
> but
> shall soon.
> -c

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