[clug] Dapper no sound

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Sat Jun 17 12:07:20 GMT 2006

I *finally* plugged in the Cougar box Steve unearthed for me and fed a
CD to it. The box is a 700MHz Duron with a 10 and a 4 gig drive and
about 380 meg of RAM. I'm particularly interested in using it because it
has an NVidia Gforce card that can do OpenGL and it runs GoogleEarth

Ubuntu 6.06 booted with no sound and I did an install and update. Very

Still no sound.

lspci found no sound card and lsmod had no modules. Some searching on
Google and ubuntuforums and I decided to modprobe snd-via82xx and a lot
of stuff loaded. (lsmod | grep snd | wc -l  finds 22 lines of sound

The box has an ASUS mobo with integrated sound which looks to be VIA

So some modules are loaded and they may well be the right ones. Where do
I go from here to set up an audio device and make noises happen?
Everything still seems to think I have no sound card.

MC - ignorance is not bliss

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