[clug] Re: Linux Learners Group idea

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Fri Jun 16 00:09:00 GMT 2006

Rodney Peters wrote:
> One point that has not yet been made in this thread is that the Linux 
> community in Canberra may not be large enough to support two viable 
> beginner's LUGs.
> What makes PCUG a better venue for Learner's meetings is the facilities there.  
> PCUG have Linux installations that newbies can try out in hands-on mode plus 
> an Internet connection, via which additional software or updates can be 
> obtained.  There is also a separate training setup of 10 PC, for which I 
> verified Linux compatibility recently.
This sounds like a fantastic setup, Rod!  I don't think any CLUGgers 
(cluggites?  clugmons?) had any particular need for the meetings to be 
at ANU like the regular CLUG meetings, and I for one would be happy to 
work in with the PCUG, both to help doing presentations and to give 
Linux learners whatever help I can (I still consider myself one of them 
:-).  Obviously the limited contact between the PCUG and the CLUG has to 
be improved!

I'm going to go out on the gangplank and ask if you'd be interested in 
coming along to the CLUG meeting next Thursday and giving a short talk 
about what you do already, and after the gannet feeding session (i.e. 
pizza) everyone who's interested in getting involved can start to make 
some inroads on organising what needs to be done.

Have fun,


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