[clug] LLG idea - minutes

david at qednet.biz david at qednet.biz
Thu Jun 15 10:40:55 GMT 2006

I like the install fest idea! I have found that once someone gets a stable
linux box running, all of the other features that make linux attractive
can come to the fore.

>> To help people use Linux for the first time.
>> To provide a service that will get people using Linux for the first
>> time.
>> Get CLUGers to provide support for newbies VIA an InstallFest (and
maybe some other companion web based support mechanism)

Needed: A Plan....When? Where? Who? (and a pizza delivery dude)

The LUGOD release form and RSVP seem like good ideas. A suitable public
friendly location with appropriate public liability covergae would be nice
too :)

One thing that I have learnt from other "community minded" efforts is that
unless a large enough body of volunteers exist then the service falls to
the dedicated few who sooner or later find better things to do with their
time. That applies to the organisers as well as the helpers.

Maybe all of those of us interested can indicate their support via a
subject line in the list (Expression of Interest in Volunteering) with
some ideas about what they can comfortably do.

I agree that windows bashing is so far off-base that I am vaguely suprised
that it even gets mentioned. Being positive about Linux is going to win
support than knocking windows.


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