[clug] Apache 2 htpasswd port 8000

Conrad Canterford conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au
Sat Jun 10 13:45:59 GMT 2006

On Sat, 2006-06-10 at 12:08 +0000, Mike J wrote:
> I have an apache web server (2.0.49) with a similar layout to this:
> default-server.conf
> Alias /web1 "/srv/www/public"
> etc....there are three or so of these
> They work fine and i have set a password on one of those aliases.
> But i have installed another application that runs from port 8000, there is 
> no restriction on this and the apache config wasn't modified for this to 
> work.

OK. Sounds to me like its probably not using Apache then (the whole not
changing apache config when you installed it). If that is the case,
changing Apache configs won't help. This other app could be running its
own internal webserver, in which case you need to read its documentation
or find some generic way of forcing password authentication before
allowing access to that port.

These are just wild guesses.


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