[clug] Unicode font problems

Arafangion thestar at fussycoder.id.au
Sat Jun 10 04:15:19 GMT 2006

Hello, I am _trying_ to get unicode working properly, but it just
escapes me.

I have installed just about every font in apt-cache search unicode |
grep font, used urxvt, and changed my locales.

With urxvt, I can press shift+control and type the unicode character in
hex. It displays the selected char, and then it should be 'entering' or
inserting it into the terminal for the programs.

Unfortunately, all unicode characters I type in that method are simply
ignored, unless it is an ASCII character.

I have recently been introduced to digraphs, so that at _least_, I can
insert some unicode characters in vim, but I really do want to know how
I can achieve true unicode, especially if it means that I can just
insert a unicode with 'press control and shift', 'type 20ac', 'release
control and shift'.

Unicode works perfectly in gtk2 programs, but I really like programming
in screen.

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