[clug] Financial Accounting software

Neill Cox neill at ace-hosting.com.au
Fri Jun 9 02:35:24 GMT 2006

We're in the process of converting to sql-ledger.

Haven't done a BAS using it yet, but we're doing all our invoicing using 
it.  The BAS is waiting for me to do the data entry required to get all 
our old (QuickBooks) data across.


Andrew Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> Following the corruption of my MYOB data file and the cursing and 
> swearing that goes with proprietary Windows apps (at least $150 to 
> have it fixed!), I remembered that this damn program (and it's ~$400 
> annual tax) is the only reason I have a Windows desktop in my office.
> Do any of you good people use accounting software under Linux?  If so, 
> how easy is it to use and setup?  I'm only after a basic replacement 
> for MYOB, so handling payroll and gst as well as the usual invoice 
> things would be good.
> I realise I can google up some answers, but I'd really like some 
> feedback from Australian tax payers.
> Thanks
> Andrew

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