[clug] What runlevel should bring network up?

Tony Lewis gnutered at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jun 7 10:20:44 GMT 2006

Michael James wrote:

>I'm seeing link S15xntpd fail its initial timeset
> despite being ostensibly behind S08network.

What debian are you using?  On my home server ('testing'), 
/etc/rc2.d/S35networking controls the network.  I can't find anything in 
my Debian repositories about xntp.

On my 'testing', ntpdate is called at /etc/rcS.d/S51ntpdate (i.e. at 
startup, I think, before it goes into RL 2).  Then ntp-server gets 
called at /etc/rc2.d/S23ntp-server.


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