[clug] giveaway - old PCs

Arafangion thestar at fussycoder.id.au
Wed Jun 7 02:17:50 GMT 2006

Paul Wayper wrote:

> Chris Smart wrote:
>> [snip]
>>   Maybe Charity Computers at Charnwood could make some use of these
>> if no-one
>> else wants them, but I'm not sure.
> I took my big pile of stuff there, and I'm not so keen on going there
> again to be perfectly honest.  In talking with the people there I
> believe they install Windows 95.  I don't know if they also install
> firewalls and antivirus protection but I'll put even money on nothing
> being installed.  A couple of the guys that I spoke to knew what Linux
> was and had played with it a couple of years ago but "the company's
> got this site license for Windows so that's what we're told to
> install" and "everyone uses Windows at work anyway and we're trying to
> give Aussie Battlers (tm) a chance at getting employed".  I believe
> there are several logical and factual errors in those statements, but
> I wasn't talking to the people with any power to change things so it
> was pointless.  I also got the impression that they didn't run any
> training or supplied any other software like word processors and so
> forth, so for people buying these computers it's most likely "pirate a
> copy off a friend". 

Indeed, and I feel that win95 is a piece of junk.  Win98 would be far
more useful, and still work adequately in 16MB.
If the machines don't have 16MB, I wonder what else would even run on that?

I once had a nice 486 with 24MB of ram running win98, and it was used
for years in that configuration in an actual business. (Win98 was chosen
because the business app needed DOS, but the clients that sometimes
walked in expected a "modern" computer, and apparently Win98 was viewed
as being a much better choice for running a dos application than dos itself)

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