[CLUG] PXE problems

freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 01:45:57 GMT 2006

hi there listers.

After Bobs presentation on PXE booting and Diskless systems I have attempted
to make an O/S installer boot over PXE. currently all is good with the
system running fine 3/4 of the time. the problem on every 4th boot is that
PXE, TFTP, and syslinux seem to run fine but once the ramdisk image of the
MS-DOS install disk (please no flames I know its wrong but its what I have
to do) starts there is an error and the system drops back into a prompt.
when this is run with a prompt instead of the menu system entering the image
name at the prompt runs perfectly.
If the script however is run with the prompt option set to 1 no prompt is
given and the same 3/4 rule applies.
Also as a side note this is occouring on multiple images from in the system
can someone please advise on at least a ballpark area that may be causing
this type of error at the moment I have run out of ideas.
the current menu file in use has the following options:
DEFAULT menu.c32

by ipxodi (156633) on Tuesday August 23, @07:47AM (#13378220) (
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