[clug] apt repos failure

Robin Shannon robin.shannon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 06:41:42 GMT 2006

g'day all,

when i update my repository lists with aptitude it reports a bunch of
errors however they scroll past my screen too fast for me to be able
to read them and thus try and fix them.

The simplest solution would be to change all my repos to the official
ones however this is not an option because i am behind the ANU network
(on ressies) so bandwidth costs a lot but .edu.au, .edu, .ac.uk,
.ac.jp and .ac.nz (plus maybe others) are free. The specific repos i'm
having problems with are the debian.anu.edu.au ubuntu dapper,
dapper-security and dapper-updates mirrors and the mirrors.uwa.edu.au
ubuntu dapper-backports mirror.

Anyway what i am wondering is is there a file that apt/aptitude prints
the output of an update to or if not is there a way i can get it to
print to a file.

paz y amor,

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