[clug] Printer sharing problem update

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Tue Jul 25 12:06:00 GMT 2006

Ian Bardsley wrote:

> A couple of weeks ago, I mailed the list with a request  for help with 
> setting up printer sharing on a 2 computer linux wireless network.  My 
> thanks again to those who responded with  advice.  I thought I would 
> provide a brief overview of the outcome  of that advice.
> I have selected Ubuntu as my linux distro having  tried all of the other 
> options because it worked, it is  fairly user friendly to a novice such 
> as myself  and the support forums that I have visited to try and solve 
> issues that I did not or do not understand  are well structured and in 
> general  easy to comprehend


I realise that this would have been more useful advice back when you
asked the original question, but the System -> Administration ->
Printers control panel under Ubuntu would probably have been an easier
way of doing things, rather than fiddling around re-enabling the web
interface and using that.  (Or did that not work?)  Something to
remember for next time - sometimes there really is an easy and obvious
(at least in retrespect) way of doing things.


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